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The UK Police Application Form - the first stage

This the first stage in the selection process. It requires you to provide a considerable amount of personal information to enable the police to determine whether you fit the recruitment criteria.

In addition, section 4 of the application form contains 10 questions that you will have to answer. The first 4 questions are ‘Competency Based Questions’ (CBQ) that require you to provide answers demonstrating you have the basic life experiences and skills to enable your progression to the Assessment Centre stage. PCSOs have to complete 3 CBQ and 2 other questions. After submitting the application the answers are marked and graded ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ or ‘D’. To pass the application stage you will have to attain a grade ‘B’, or higher, overall. If you fail this first stage of the process you will have to wait 6 months before you can reapply.

It goes without saying that you must take the greatest care in completing the police application form and, in particular, formulating your answers to the competency based questions.

Many people fail at this stage because they do not understand what is required.

ISP will ensure you understand what is required and advise you accordingly. We do not fill in the application for you, tell you what to write or what phrases and words to use. If we did that it would be unethical and you would be submitting an application which was not yours! However, we will help you understand the general principles and how to discover suitable life experiences that will evidence the competencies required.

Applicants that take advantage of this assistance with the police application form go through to the assessment stage.

Application Form Service

Once you have completed the enrolment form and paid we will acknowledge receipt of your payment and send you guidance notes to show you how to prepare your answers to the competency based questions in section 4 of the application form. You will also receive instructions about the process of preparing the answers. Do not be tempted to write any answers into the form until the process is complete and we have indicated they are up to the required standard.


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